How do I place an order greater than 12" in length?

In order to place an order greater than 12" in length, you must increase the quantity of the item you desire to order.

For example: to order 5 yd of the ThermoFlex Stretch - 20" Width, you would select your desired color, then you would input the quantity to 15 to reflect 5 yd

Follow the formula . 3 ft = 1 yd


Will my order come cut by foot?

No. Your order will be uncut and delivered to to you as a uniform roll.

For example, if you order 1 yd (or 3 ft) of a product, it will be sent as a 1 yd roll.


How quickly will my order arrive?

Your order will arrive within 1 week after your order has been processed. You can rush ship your order at check-out if you need your order before that time.


How do I place a custom heat transfer paper order?

Because heat transfer paper orders require a custom design or the custom artwork of our designers, we ask that you place your order via e-mail or phone. We are available by e-mail or phone during regular business hours.


Where are you located? Can I pick up my order in person?

We are located in Bell Gardens, CA and you can pick up your order in person. You must first complete your order on our website, then e-mail or call us with your invoice and to schedule a pick-up time.

Our location does not act as a showroom and will be available for will-call only.


For any other questions, please contact us directly.